The Mission

To enable business owners to succeed and protect their success by timely and measured use of legal skills and tools.

In other words, to enable business owners to “Be Someone”.

Legal advice can help in two critical areas for building a successful business: compliance with legal requirements, as well as discovering legal options to boost probability of success.

Our laser-like focus helps an owner build and protect the value of the business, while reducing or eliminating risk.  Although most often that involves business contracts, it also includes areas such as

  • formations and start-ups,
  • mergers and acquisitions,
  • resolving business disputes, including partner and shareholder disagreements,
  • raising capital,
  • employment and personnel matters, and
  • intellectual property, such as trademarks, licensing, and non-disclosure agreements.

We are here to help an entrepreneur

  • get into business
  • get better, and
  • get out,

all based on the owner’s goals and exit strategy and at a fraction of the cost he or she might expect.

Our team has

  • first-hand business experience to understand how a business owner feels and what the business owner needs, and
  • the legal skill to deliver service designed to address those needs.

The experience of the Firm’s lawyers is unique.  Paul Franzetti, the founder, was a business trial lawyer who then effectively served as operations officer of a commercial enterprise, all based on his life-long passion for economics.   Marshall Harkins was trained and practiced as an English barrister and has also had extensive experience in actual business enterprises.  Dwaine Massey is a skilled business trial lawyer whose CPA training and years of court-tested experience help him to quickly discern what is really going on in a dispute and drill down on those issues.

Our backgrounds enable advice to a business owner on practical and legal aspects of not only day-to-day decisions, but also those required to build a company with long-term value.