Helping Business Owners "Be Someone" Since 1977

Franzetti Law PLLC provides legal services to help a business owner grow and protect the value of the business while reducing or eliminating risk. Our advice is based on courtroom experience and day-to-day involvement in actual business operations. The Firm’s services include, among other things:

  • Formations and Startups
  • Acquisitions, Sales, and Mergers
  • Business Agreements, including employment and personnel, partners and investors, customers, and vendors, and many more
  • Disputes including resolving partner disagreements and break-ups, among other things
  • Outside General Counsel services, including such things as assistance on the legal aspects of raising capital, compliance (including codes of conduct and bribery issues), and Intellectual Property Strategy
  • Exit Strategies and Succession Planning

Contact us if you have ever thought:

  • It would be great to run this issue by a lawyer quickly.
  • I’d like the services of a trusted advisor.
  • It would be great to have a General Counsel, but we don't have that kind of money.
  • I need a lawyer to help me negotiate a business venture.
  • How can we improve our contracts, so expectations are clearer?
  • Are we doing something that could get us into trouble with the State or the Feds?


We pledge to our clients to:
• Help identify and solve your "pain points"
• Operate with the highest ethical standards
• Complete work on a timely basis
• Charge fees that are fair and reasonable.

Things we can do for you

Latest questions and answers

1As a business owner seeking legal services, do you want …

  • Risk reduction or elimination?
  • Protection for what you're building or have built already?
  • Peace of mind that the legal affairs of your business are well handled?
  • Realizing the freedom you sought when you started your business?
2Legal Reality Check: Getting In

If you've recently started your business - Real legal concerns and risks to building your business

Let’s see if we can resolve them - We created a checklist of 6 areas, from Protecting Assets to Personnel and Compliance items. Check items that you feel you have accomplished and get an understanding of which items you still need to work on.

Click here to download the PDF
3Legal Reality Check: Getting Better

You have been in business for a while and want to improve, so that you can become the owner and not just the manager

Click here to download the PDF
4Legal Reality Check: Getting Out

If you want to exit your business in the next several years.

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